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Friday, October 21, 2011

WWII: Captain America #1, Josh Lynch

This was the other concept I was developing for the Romantic  Kirby cover.  This WWII theme gave me the perfect opportunity to revisit the concept.


  1. Sorry Germany, but Cap's still on top! USA! USA! USA!

  2. Captain's whispering;
    'Cause I'm long, and I'm strong
    And I'm down to get the friction on!'

    Awesome work, you even gave Hitler a smaller nose. Colors look perfect!

  3. And Josh! AWESOMELY COOL Covered Blog!!! ( <-- see Josh's work there! :) )

  4. Talk about an Elseworld's book...

    (yeah, I know Elsewords is DC)

  5. A great likeness to Kirby which really lends to the genuine feel to this work. I appreciate the timeless component that is acheived through the contrast of cultural values of different time periods. makes you think. I applaud you!

  6. Josh,I too think Adolf hitler smelled nice