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Sunday, October 9, 2011

TNG Poster: Deja Q by Justin Zyduck

As a kid, the Q episodes were always my favorite, so when this week's assignment came down, I immediately knew I wanted to do one of those. I thought I'd approach this episode with sort of a Farrelly Brothers-type poster; re-imagining the episode as a sort of high-concept '90s comedy. Indeed, Q episodes were frequently very funny, owing in part to de Lancie and Stewart's work as an unlikely comedy duo. The show's writers and producers seemed to be aware of this as well; most Next Generation episodes carry fairly respectable sci-fi titles, but one gets the sense that whenever it was time to do a Q episode, Gene Roddenberry would burst into the writer's room and go, "All right, men, it's wordplay time." And then they'd go around the room: "What about 'Q or False'?" "Or maybe 'Red, White, and Q'." "'Q-Cumber Salad'?" "'Q Live Crew'!"

Sadly, though, because of my struggles to capture recognizable likenesses, the part of Q will be played tonight not by de Lancie, but rather by some sort of genetic mixture of Ed Sullivan and Richard Nixon. Oh well.


  1. The episode card placement is hilarious...Picard's reaction is great too. Great job, Justin.

    I think this episode has 4 famous moments: Q appearing all nekkid at the beginning as hilariously portrayed up above, Worf telling Q to die to prove he's human, Guinan stabbing Q in the hand with a fork, and (spoiler alert!) Data laughing

  2. Excellent :D ! The character work is outstanding, and very fun, along with your description. Very well done, and very well said!

  3. I love the playfulness of this piece. It really embodies the spirit of Q-pisodes. Also, I would love to see the episodes "Q-cumber" and especially "Q-live crew" I always thought "I-Q" would make such an awesome 3 episode arc