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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Indiana Jones and The Rocketeer: The Curse of the Dreyrugr Amulet by Mike McMahon

Yes, this is why I picked WWII for the theme, so that I can do this image.

It's 1941, and an evil Nazi general goes to Norway in search of the ancient Dreyrugr Amulet. With it, he will raise a powerful army of undead Viking warriors. Combined with the Nazi war machine, they will be almost unstoppable. Almost.

There are only two men that can stop them from world domination: Indiana Jones and The Rocketeer.

Some notes about the drawing...the evil Nazi General up at the top is supposed to be Gary Oldman, but I found trying to get a decent likeness of him at that small a size was pretty difficult. There were a bunch of other characters I wanted to put in it but just couldn't find the room, but you can see the actor's who would play them in the credits.

And for now, I have to use a photo of the drawing because I don't think I'm going to have time to go to Kinko's this weekend and get a scan, but hopefully soon I'll be able to replace it.


  1. Wow dude, you clearly poured your heart into this piece. Good for you. It really shows.

  2. I second that, WOW! Awesome to see how much you luv to draw! Excellent work, VERY impressive! That is a great combo (both the characters/heros, and the undead warriors with the Nazis), and I'd luv to see that movie! Also very cool that you have thought this out right down to the actors, music, production, more = excellent. I don't see Michael Ironside (great voice :) ), good plan that, avoid the 'bad movie curse' :) . Again, Outstanding work!

  3. I'm just sad the move came out 16 years ago

  4. Way to channel you inner Struzan, Mike. Another win!

  5. Truly, the parallel reality that this poster comes from is a finer world.

    Man, this is a cool concept; didn't Dark Horse used to have the rights to Indiana Jones and Rocketeer? How did they miss that one? What you have here is the cornerstone of some sort of WWII-era League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Maybe Rick and Ilsa from Casablanca are part of it, and the team is rounded out by Lt. Slothrop from Gravity's Rainbow and his V2 rocket "spider-sense"?

  6. You're starting to inspire me to want to do an epic war time seen. For real dude. I love to see you inspired! Really fun to look at your work. PS
    I want to do your theme, but I may skip ahead and do the Halloween to try and keep up. sorry!!

  7. Thanks guys.

    Justin, Dark Horse did have the rights to The Rocketeer for a little while back in the 90's (which IDW now has) and Dark Horse currently has the Indy rights, though I dunno if they had them in the 90's as well