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Monday, October 24, 2011

TNG Sins of the Father by Rob ayotte & Greg Reekers

Hey Everybody, So sorry for dropp'n out of sight for a while. This was made by myself and my good buddy, also an MCAD grad, Greg Reekers. Greg has been a successful graphic designer since he graduated and is currently moving to Chicago to make mo money mo money. Greg and I made a forty page comic together called Legend of the Thunderbird,


  1. That is AWESOME!! Brilliant work! I'm on my phone, pardon the short comment. Luv it!

  2. FYI the number of the episode "65" is how the composition was conceived. The six is above and to the left of the five. The "of the" is the top of the 5 and "sins" is the top of the 6.

  3. WOW dude. I love the treatment. Interesting choice to go art nouveau with this episode. I would not have thought to do that. Your treatment is very fragile for an episode that is rather harsh. It makes for a nice contrast.
    I love your use of white space on this and the whole flow in the positive space is so succesful. Also, I am soooo fucking gay for your Worf and Picard in this piece. And a great likeness on Candyman.

  4. This is pretty bad-ass Rob. It's awesome to see Picard kicking some butt. Your Worf and Kurn turned out great...I especially like the look of Worf, I remember him giving that kind of look to the Council when they were talking about Mogh

  5. I am seriously impressed that the episode number informed the composition, but it works as a composition unto itself.

  6. Outstanding work, guys.

    The lighting and rendering are outstanding as always, Rob. I love the textural differences and little details, particularly with the Klingon uniforms/sashes/ceremonial robes and of course Picard’s robe. I’m super impressed with your nailing the likenesses down. Great, great job.

    I like the anatomy at play here, especially the perspective of that kick. Picard knows you don’t wanna punch those guys in the face, their heads’ve gotta be super hard.

    G-Unit, It’s good to see you here. Your collaboration always brings each others strengths into focus. I love the Art Noveau decision, like Josh said, very unexpected. I especially adore the bottom portion of the poster, your use of the bat’leth as a design element: from the little bat’leths inside of the Klingon logo to how the four bat’leths and the Klingon logo comprise the wallpaper design – very smart, very cool. Way to use design to create a relationship between fin de siècle French design and fucking 24th century Klingon.

    Worth the wait fellas.

    Qapla', Bitches!