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Monday, October 24, 2011

WWII: Hitler's Head Explodes by Justin Zyduck

This is not actually a reference to Inglorious Basterds, but rather one of my all-time favorite video games: the NES classic Bionic Commando. If you are unfamiliar with that game, and specifically its ending, let me drop a little education on you.

The game, as originally released in Japan, dealt with a neo-Nazi group seeking to bring Hitler back from the dead to complete a doomsday weapon. During the English translation process, Nintendo of America--somewhat notorious for censoring anything that might be considered offensive for the U.S. market--removed all explicit references to Nazism, calling the enemies "Badds" and replacing swastikas with a falcon-like emblem.

NOA, however, apparently did not vet the game's ending, or else they'd surely have made alterations to the following game elements:
I must admit: I had fun on this one.

(If you're interested, see the 20th century's most hated man explode in black and white.)


  1. That's bloody fantastic...and I'm glad ya had fun with it

  2. Outstanding! And completely enjoyed getting educated on that, Thank You :) ! Luv it!

  3. This has a bit of a Matt groening feel to it. Love it.

    Side note: do you remember the end of wolfenstein?

  4. Awesome, awesome choice.

    You just don’t forget shit like this. My 12 year old mind was literally blown –not unlike this- when I was treated to this sight after beating the game. One of the best endings for the NES, hands down, and definitely the gnarliest.

    PS: Capcom fucking ruled the NES, my opinion.

  5. We should do a video game theme some week...

  6. Josh: I never beat Wolfenstein. But isn't the ending, like, you fight Hitler in a mech suit or something?

    Rich: YOU ARE CORRECT about Capcom. DuckTales, man...first game I ever beat, and not having played it in maybe eight to ten years, I could probably still speed-run it through muscle memory alone. What really stands out about Capcom games for me, though, is the music. The DuckTales moon theme, the opening to Bionic Commando. I feel a little sorry for their music staff, actually; if the composer of Mega Man 2 had decided to ditch the whole game-music thing and turn those songs into a commercial pop album? IT WOULD HAVE SOLD MORE THAN THRILLER.

    I would be totally down for video game week, but I won't be the one to suggest it, at least this go round. I have a BRILLIANT THEME to unleash on you in a couple weeks time. (Yes, I will toot my own horn.)