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Sunday, January 22, 2012

PopMusik: RollingVenom by Mark Hurst

So just went through a bunch of album covers and well this Rolling Stones cover is pretty recognizable and when I saw it I immediately thought of Venom and how his tongue is always all over the place. Awesome choice Rich, had tons of ideas I still want to do because of this.


  1. Ha! Ha! Great tongue, great choice! Venom could jam at a concert and then slaughter everyone, just like Lobo did :D ! Excellent!

  2. Awesome pick, Mark!

    I saw the Stones once back in 97 in Mesa, AZ. The backside of the stadium caught fire but they played on while the fire department put it out. Still one of the best shows I've ever seen. If you ever get the opportunity - go, 'cause those old dandies can still strut and preen with the best of them.

    I love how well you’ve adapted the Warhol ‘Lips and Tongue’ into a classic Bagley-esque Venom while maintaining the color palette of the original album.

    Great job!

    (And great pick last week, also. If we can get a ketchup going I’m gonna tackle that straightaway)