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Monday, January 23, 2012

PopMusik; "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders (as Alien)" by Josh Purple


It's a fast rough draft, but it was the idea that I wanted to get across  (plenty I could fix / finish).
Since Ziggy Stardust was an alien (well, he's the human manifestation of an alien)  I picked ...  :)  .   Forgive me Rich if you were thinking of us doing a take on 'Tonight.'  I was guessing that picking any Bowie album cover would work.  To be more accurate I should have picked E.T. with a guitar, -since Ziggy's message was peace and love ( with just a little bit of sex and drugs mixed in :D ).  "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders" was 1972, and Alien was 1979 (I think), again a near miss, but why not give the legend a violent twist into the future, -Bowie was certainly ahead of his time.  Maybe the alien needs purple boots and red hair :) .
Thank You Rich, -excellent theme!


  1. Josh -

    Awesome pick!

    Great fucking job on the alien queen, looks great! Sorry for the delay in the comments, but hats off, really. Me gusta mucho!

    I think you should color this mutha, it'd look so fucking boss. It's funny you chose Bowie and 'Alien' cause I originally thought about doing Ellen Ripley as the cover for 'Low.'

    I keep coming back and imagining that hot yellow light reflecting off the alien with a strong teal backlight, echoing the colors of the Bowie getup on the album cover. The texture of the alien against that wet concrete in the backgound? It'd really be great!

    Awesome job!

    PS: has everyone seen the trailer for 'Prometheus'? Can't fucking wait for that shit.

    1. Thank You Rich :) ! No worries, no rush, -and a very cool response from you, which is certainly appreciated. I left off the two extra arms from the alien queen... she could be playing a cow bell & a tambourine :D .

      Excellent Ellen Ripley concept (I did consider E.T. doing blow with some rocker babes :) )! The wet, reflecting colors/alien texture = awesome, no question about it.

      YES! I've seen the Prometheus trailer, and I'm with you, "Can't fucking wait for that shit" !!!

      Thank You Rich!