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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tim Burton: Mars Attacks, by Eric Schuster

I admire Tim Burton for being prolific and getting to pretty much run down a checklist of dream projects.  I'm not a fan of most of his work, but I really loved Ed Wood, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, and of course the giant ball of crazy that was MARS ATTACKS.  Mars Attacks was awesome.  Growing up I was unaware of the gruesome series of trading cards that the movie was based on...apparently the work of comic book supergenius Wally Wood.


  1. Excellent work, and an excellent creature/character pick :) ! Great choice for the black and white, horror style! And, awesome series of trading cards! Some of those are amazingly horrific, damn gruesome, luv it.

  2. Dude I love this! It has a touch of Sam hiti to it. I love the variety of textures going on too, the inkwash, the dry brush, the clean lines, all of it.

  3. That's by far one of your best pieces yet

  4. These characters always looked a bit worried to me and you really caught that in this drawing. Great variety in mark making. Good work.

  5. I agree with Josh and Rob. I really enjoy the make making and expression of this piece.