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Sunday, January 22, 2012

PopMusik: Lion-O by Rich Flood

Coke was the big, new awesome in the seventies. Nobody really knew how badly it can fuck your priorities up until they were already pink-eyed dope wraiths, which is where Bowie found himself in the latter half of the decade.

Being inspired by the electronic music of the day, he moved out to Berlin to kick blow and reinvent the weirdness. The result was the ‘Berlin Trilogy’, three super experimental records that popped many a ear cherry to the art-rock sound. The first of which, 1977’s ‘Low’, was followed by ‘Heroes’ and ‘Lodger’.

These three albums directly influenced New Wave, Industrial and Post Punk (or early alternative, depending on your labeling). If you came up musically in the late eighties-early nineties, you can hear the provenance of everything you thought was cool here.


  1. Nice, better yet, Outstanding :) ! Not until I hit the zoom did I see the treatment you gave it, excellent! In addition to the awesome art, your music history is great, luv it! Brilliant choice, Brilliant fit!

  2. Rich, looks amazing. Great colors and what a fantastic character choice to mimic Bowie's hair. Love the two images and loved this weeks theme, and am wanting to do a couple more.