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This Week's Theme: Holidays!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Game Night

Decided to try a minimalistic approach to this week's theme. Enjoy.


  1. Cool :) . Certainly reminds me of a rounded version of Mondrian's 'Composition in Red, Blue, and Yellow,' or 'Composition with Yellow Blue, and Read, ' etc. Although Dan Flavin worked with lights, it reminded me of his works too (and Anne Truitt for the square sculpture comparison :) ). Not to forget how everyone mentions Frank Stella in Minimalism. I also thought of the 'Magic Eye' illusion books/works, -stare at it & you begin to see the 3D image :) .

  2. This is great, Kyle!

    We should have a Armegetto Fabulous Summit at the Chatterbox pub sometime this year.

    FACT: Broadcaster and writer Stuart Maconie—while working at the NME—started a rumour that Connect 4 was invented by David Bowie, which became an urban myth.