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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Game Night: DuckTales by Rich Flood

My uncle’s mentally disabled.

He’s got size 16 shoes and probably weighs like 250 pounds and used to have a nasty fucking temper. When my cousins and I were really young, (not babies, but still pretty little) he would chase us down, trample us then grab our heads and shake the shit out of us until an adult would call him off. Suffice to say we were scared shitless of him and wouldn’t try and provoke him, except that he had a room absolutely full of cartoons and cool shit, which despite it being potentially life threatening, we tried to get into all the time.

I was in third or fourth grade this when this game came out. Now, my uncle had a shit load of NES games, including this one. I had already beaten it a few times, and – being a little older - was able to talk my way into his room and play this game with him. Later that developed into being able to come into his room to play a bunch of games, but he always liked watching me beat this one, either because I got to where I could beat it quickly without dying, or so he could shriek when you found Gizmoduck.

He still lets me into his room.


  1. Nice. Stellar art, great game, and a classic Rich tale. It doesn't get much better than that.

  2. An excellent work, and a very heart felt story. Sincerely appreciated and Thank you :) ! The art detail is fantastic; the evil eyes with the bag lines underneath, the game shot, the bat expressions, = excellent! The meaning, your connection with your uncle, increases this work a hundredfold! Love the last sentence of your description.