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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tim Burton: Superman Lives, By Josh Lynch

Yep. Just in case you missed this or this.


  1. And Thank You for those links :) .
    As (quoting), "Superman look pretty atrocious," might be, you did an awesome job and picked a Tim Burton I never would have thought of. Plus, you did a great job of creating a more nightmarish version; thicker waist, more Frankenstein-like (which, I think, connects to the Scissor-hands style very well), pissed expression, evil eyes, etc.
    As always, awesome!

  2. Josh, Great idea for this theme. I look at it and think this looks so much like something that would be used as a concept sketch. It has that , get an idea across quickly, vibe to it that I've seen so much of in successful concept art.