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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ketchup: Minions of Apocalyps: Kalibak by Mark Hurst

So with some downtime and it being a "Ketchup" week I figured I'd do the Minions of Apocalypse since I really really wanted to draw Kalibak. Here he be, and I have to say was actually a lot of fun to draw. Kalibak always reminded me of something like the bastard child of a troll and werewolf or something with his huge head of hair/fur. Kind of want to do more of him but set it up a long the lines of a happy go lucky guy skipping through flowers or something... not sure why?


  1. "...a happy go lucky guy skipping through flowers or something..." :D Awesome! And I agree with your description 'bastard child of a troll and werewolf.' Great head/face, and I really like how the costume is looking. Great work :) !

  2. I'd love to see a whole new gods book in this style. He reminds me of a badass version of the trolls from Ernest scared stupid.