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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Narrative: Maynards by Mark Hurst

OK so I know it's a couple days late but here is my narrative. All I have to say about this strip is... well it was a quick sketch and pretty much sums up any new employees first day at my job.


  1. This brings back memories of retail. A good example of how truth comes out in art.

  2. Ah, brings back the joyous memories of working in the Office Depot warehouse... at 4:00 a.m., unload trucks in the winter... I second that, "truth comes out in art." And I'm glad you tower over the dweeb telling you what to do :) .

  3. Is that Hewie all growed up in that middle panel?

  4. no it is not josh... it's a somewhat cartoonish rendering of the first dept. mgr. I had at work... who is now an Ast. GM and is about 5yrs younger then us.