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Thursday, December 22, 2011

TMNT: Leo kills The Shredder

I was (surprise!) a big Turtles fan as a kid, on the basis of the action figures and the cartoon.  I didn't read the comic it was based on until much later.  I have no idea how Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird spun their weird, violent parody comic into millions of dollars, but mad respect to them for it.  The first issue is the Turtle's origin story that culminates with a classic rooftop battle against the Shredder and his elite Foot Soldiers.  The turtles kill everyone and Leonardo stabs the Shredder...but leaves him alive enough to commit seppuku afterword.
 Eastman/Laird's version.
My take.


  1. Fuck yeah! I love it. It reminds me a bit of the "30 seconds later" comic covers (or whatever they're called.)
    I always hated that Leo carried swords but only used them to cut robots or stick into walls/ceilings to climb stuff. Frank Miller wouldn't have been having any of that.

    Lets also take a minute to thank TMNT and Peter Laird for providing the comic community with the Xeric Grant. That was really nice of him.

  2. Excellent! Outstanding stabbing action, your take for the WIN :) ! Both versions = awesome work.