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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Narrative: "Worf Loses a Bet" by Mike McMahon

I had planned on doing an 8 page short story, but wasn't able to get much of it done (you can see what I did get done here).

So I took a cue from Josh's post and just did a quick strip.


  1. Great work :D ! And the start of your 8 page short story is looking great. Luv the last frame!

  2. I can hear their voices so clearly when I read your strip Mike. You know your stuff. Also, Great work on the short story! Keep it up Dude!

  3. Good gag. Very fun. I'd love to see you redo this in color and really devote some time to it. Rob is right, coming from someone who just plowed through all seven seasons, with a new earned appreciation for some of those earlier episodes.... but not shades of grey, fuck shades of grey.... you really got their voices down. Good job.