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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Minions of Apocalypse: Metron, I mean Zodac by Rob Ayotte

I'm so sorry dropping out of sight for a while. AND I'm sorry that I did not follow the guide lines to the Minions of Apocalypse theme. MY EXCUSE: It is said that Masters of the Universe is very influenced by Jack Kirby's New Gods and that the most obvious parallel is between Zodac and Metron. They are both neutral observers who fly around in chairs and so on. If you Wicki Zodac it'll tell you all about it. I've been trying to get this color/painting/ digital art thing down and also trying to have a decent set of MOTU pieces for my portfolio so this seemed like a good choice for me. I hope ya'll can forgive me if you feel that this was out of bounds. A lot of wonderful work was produced while I've been away from the site! I've enjoyed looking and will continue to do so.Take care,


  1. Looks AWESOME :) ! No worries here, just glad to see your work. I did not know Masters of the Universe was influenced by Kirby, cool. I especially like how they fly around in chairs (reminds me of the Professor in Futurama :D ). Great choice, great color work, excellent shading (as always), and impressive detail work on the gloves/material.