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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cover to Cover: Avengers 7

Originally I was going to do this big thing with shattered glass and each of the avengers and villains... yeah, I ran out of time. So here is this thing. You can see the assets here and a WIP here. Also the color might be a bit funky. I upgraded to CS5 and I'm having trouble saving out jpegs with the correct color profile.


  1. Looks amazing as always, plus I got to say, I kind of like the image with out the blacks on your own blog. Something strangely cartoon animated movie cover to it.

  2. Outstanding! Damn! LOVE how the white title came out against the black, the placement of the characters above (rather than below), the light bloom effects, the blur with the hammer swing, the perspective of the wasp coming in, -even though CS 5 is giving you issues on the color, I think the colors came out great too. And I do not disagree with Mark, I always appreciate seeing the WIP and the assets. <--often I enjoy those parts the most. Again, damn great!