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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Big Barda & Mr. Miracle, by Eric Schuster

The Fourth World is my favorite Jack Kirby story, and Mr. Miracle might be my favorite book out of the bunch.  There's so much to love: the main male character is the conscientious objector and the lady is the one who throws hands.  Also, lots of nifty gadgets and a great pair of antagonists in Granny Goodness and that miniature Hitler dude.

After reading a Jack Kirby comic, other comics just seem too refined and tame.


  1. Outstanding Eric! And glad to it's one enjoy :) . Completely agree, Granny Goodness and I can not remember the name of that miniature Hitler dude...

    Great work on the characters and colors!

  2. This is one of my favorite drawings you've ever done. I think you should get your hands on an old 4th world script and do an issue or at least a few pages. That would get me all hot.

    PS: you know who else was a conscientious objector? Paul Jersey. And he tore shit up. Don't count these dudes out.