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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pokemon Battles: Giant Size X-Men 1, by Josh Lynch

Okay, so I may have cheated again this week.  I may have drawn this a while ago.  Sorry I'm a terrible person. However, Jiggles is my boy.
PS: Original Sketch


  1. Excellent 'bust-out' cover, with shocked and fearing X-men in blue :D . No doubt they fear the handsome Jiggles. Along with a look at the original sketch (kicks ass, Thank you!) Dig seeing so many characters on the cover.

  2. It took me far to long to tell you how amazing this is sir. great job!

    1. Thanks bud. I love putting Pokemon in famous comic covers. I mean, a Pokemon fighter could probably go toe to toe with he x-men if he unleashed all his Pokemon.