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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Obsure Myth: Pele by Mark Hurst

Sorry this is a few days late... and not more then some line work. OK, so I did a search for some sort of myth that I have not heard of which turned to be a little more difficult than I imagined. Any way, I came across a myth about a Hawaiian Goddess called Pele. She intrigued me because her travels from her homeland to the Hawaiian Islands is the story behind the creation of volcanoes in the Pacific Ring of Fire. One of the things I decided to depict on this was a part of the myth of all of Pele's lovers who wronged her and supposedly were covered in molten lava as punishment.


  1. I like how you have her walking away from her path of destruction, shows a lot about what kind of person (god) she is.

    Was this a pen & ink drawing or did you do this all in Photoshop?

  2. it's actually all done in photoshop. I would like to go back and do color and what not.