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Friday, November 4, 2011

Ketchup: Spiderman Villains, Rhino by Josh Lynch

When mark chose this theme a while back I chose the sinister six so that I could draw a bunch of my favorite spiderman villains.  However, Rhino was not in the original 6 line up.  And I love drawing rhino.  So here is rhino.  I also have been doodling other spiderman villains all week over here


  1. Dig the massive Rhino character :) ! And the other Spiderman villians are looking good. The longer arms and shorter legs look good for Rhino running.

  2. I think he ate one too many Twinkies.

  3. I like Kraven the most out of all these. i really like the use of black and the confident gestural feel that drawing has. I also love the Goblin's face, very classic evil elf looking. All in all a strong consistent set of drawings. Good work man.

  4. What I like about your Spider-villains is that you made them UGLY. Ditko designed these guys to be even freakier-looking than his usual stuff--just one step below Dick Tracy villains--but Romita couldn't help smoothing them out. That's one of the things McFarlane brought to the table--he wasn't afraid to draw some weird-lookin' dudes. There is something WRONG with everybody that you drew, and that is awesome.

  5. Purple: That sounds familiar....

    Rob: Thanks. Kraven was the only I did with a brush which is why he has bolder blacks.

    Justin: I don't know if I made them "ugly" so much as flawed. I was trying to push their more bizarre attributes. After doing a few of these I felt like they may have been a bit influenced by Shell Silverstein. He drew some ugly people. But yeah, these characters should be flawed. Why do they draw them with big bulging muscles and chiseled jaws? Many of them turned into what they are because they felt rejected by society based on their physical appearance. In general superhero comics really only have a few body types. It would be nice to see that boundary pushed.