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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween: Slime Pit Zombies Color Dun by Rob Ayotte and Greg Reekers

So this is actually another version because I realized I jumped the gun and stuff wasn't dun. anyways thanks again to Greg for help'n me out with the background. Peace Y'all


  1. The Horde Slime Pit Playset.

    I was looking at this drawing (which – fucking awesome by the way), and began remembering that there were a super inordinate amount of slime toys in the eighties. This one, Dissect an Alien, all the nickelodeon and ‘real’ ghostbusters shit. I thought to myself, what’s up with that? Found this:

    Read it and realized, Rob’s drawing led me deep into some geek obscura, so - good job. Prompted nostalgia, invested thought and subsequent investigation – that’s great art, and probably in the Armagetto Fabulous Mission Statement. But you owes me like, ten minutes of sweet life.

    Thereagain, I might’ve wasted that ten minutes at xhamster or someplace like it.

  2. Incredible, I completely agree with Rich, fucking awesome :) ! Fantastic detail, the hands and fingers are amazing. Great subject, the background (and all characters) = an excellent choice. Perfect for Halloween!

  3. Fucking wow dude. I love this. My absolute favorite part is how you totally nailed the anatomy of He-man. Particularly in his hands (which I am completely enamored with how dynamic the pose and perspective is on them), his obliques, and his legs (especially the detail around his kneecap.)

    But I don't want to overlook how much I enjoy Hordak's pose off in the background. Its a fun kind of pose because he's in this evil place doing all this terrible shit and he's just standing around just casually watching.

  4. He-Man zombies...that's perfect for ya man

  5. The update is looking great!! Again, awesome!