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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cover Redo: Thor #168 by Mark Hurst

So, I just finished reading a book about Jack Kirby so with that still fresh in my mind I decided to do a Kirby cover. I came across Thor #168 where he is chasing down Galactus, who stops him and begins telling his origin. I thought it was pretty interesting so I started to sketch only to find out that the design I was doing was similar to the continuation of the story in Thor #169. So enjoy of the variations I did with this (all have minor changes that you probably can't tell). Here are the covers for 168 &169.


  1. Very cool that your design/idea was so similar to the cover of Thor #169 . Great choice, and, excellent work! Jack Kirby is brain washing you :) ! (hope you share this on the Tumblr AF)

  2. that's: :D

  3. That looks really cool, I like the white outline of Galactus' head in space, that was a clever idea

  4. I like that you included the bifrost. Don't feel bad about the similarity. Great minds think alike. Keep up the good work.