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Sunday, June 24, 2012

ZBrush Head by Josh Purple

This kinda' sucks :) (well... not just kinda' :D ), but it's a Sunday night, so I thought I'd post up my draft / learning work with a ZBrush head (indeed, I'm a complete newbie with ZBrush).  Hopefully I'll be able to post-up some decent progress/improvement in the next few months (years, ...decades :)  ).


  1. I think its a good start dude. Clearly you Zbrush skills far surpass mine. Did you start with a base mesh or did you build this dude with Zspheres?

    PS: Is this Killer Croc?

  2. Thank you Josh, I appreciate the kind words :) . You could be doing that in a day, no problem. I used one of the default models that ships with ZBrush, then I just messed with the brushes on the model (or in ZBrush the model is called a 'Tool'). It's certainly fun to mess with.

    At first I was thinking 'Spock,' then as I added the scaly bumps, I thought 'lizard guy, sure... :D '