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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pokemon Battles: Gengars attack is SUPER EFFECTIVE! BY A.J. Ragland

So, this is my first post, and it's for a make-up week where I'm making up for not posting on a week that was MY pick! OH and my POST is pre made piece that I did for an upcoming pokemon show that I'm in..... sorry I suck so much guys. I'll try harder. anyway enjoy..


  1. you actually made Pokemon bad-ass...sweet job, dude

  2. Way to go man. You make Pokemon look dangerous. That's not easy. I mean jiggle's big move is to fall asleep. Fucking come on.

    PS:love the lighting

    1. Haha, thanks man, I did this for the show but I think I may continue to do more with a similar feel. I'm glad you think he feels dangerous cause I feel like that's how pokemon WOULD feel in real life. Freaking mouse that can shoot LIGHTNING, big ass fire breathing DRAGONS! Fucking fox looking things bending spoons and using telekinesis! That'd be scary as shit! You'd never go camping if there was some fucking bear that can put you to sleep before it fucking eats you!